Ensure Successful and Transformational Outreach With The Kingdom Compassion Course...

Many people struggle to define and execute a successful strategy to meet needs.  This course teaches the Biblical foundations and executes on strategy that helps you avoid pitfalls and ensure effective ministry...even if you have limited resources!

Many meeting needs ministries actually hurt those they want to help and burn out those working in the ministry.  

Many people want to help others in need but they have a list of problems they encounter in the process....  

First, they often don't know where to start.  What kind of needs should I be meeting?  Which people should I be serving?

Second, they often struggle with setting up the ministry.  How will I get the resources?  How will I connect with the people who actually need the help?  How will I make sure the resources don't get taken advantage of?

Third, they don't end up getting the results they wanted.  Instead of seeing lives changed, they just see lines of people expecting handouts and have a handful of burned out workers who quit.  

What many don't realize is there are proven solutions to setting up a helping ministry that meets needs in a way that actually transforms lives, energizes workers, and is a kingdom success...

Introducing Kingdom Compassion:  The Course

That's why I created the Kingdom Compassion Course.  This video course with workbook and complementary tools helps you understand the Biblical way to help really help people in need and the exact templates, strategies, and tools you need to get started,

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About Bruce Colbert

Bruce Colbert has coached over 100 churches with training, strategy, and tools on meeting needs in an effective way consistent with scripture and sensitive to the cultural context.  With a background in pastoral ministry and organizational consulting, you'll love his down to earth style with deep Biblical understanding.  

More than anything he loves equipping others to live out their calling as image bearers of the Creator.  

Course Modules

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Module 1: From Acts of the Early Christians to Toxic Charity:  How We Got to Now and What to Do About It

Understand the powerful history of meeting needs in the church and how good ideas of ministry got twisted into hurtful practices.  

  • What a Pagan Emperor Can Teach Christians About Meeting Needs
  • The Early Christians' Powerful Framework for Meeting Needs
  • Understanding What Led to Toxic Charity in America and The West:  The Redefinition of Poverty, The Malignancy of Charity, and Toxic Charity in the Church
  • The 6 Core Commitments Needed to Return to Biblical Ministry


Module 2: Understanding Need According to the Bible and Defining Biblical Help

Understand what the Bible really says about where needs come from and understand the corresponding solutions that point to the real difference makers in meeting needs.  

  • Understand Why People Need Help
  • The Biblical Template for Understanding Brokenness and Healing
  • The Iceberg Model for Understanding Need
  • The Three Dimensions of Need
  • Defining Biblical Help and Measuring True Success
  • The Master Key for Effective Helping Ministry
  • The One Radical, Provable Measure of Success for Helping Ministry
  • The Parable of Man With the Broken Ankle
  • The Tale of Two Wells
  • 8 Shifts In Thinking for Helping Ministry 


Module 3: Getting Started:  How to Find the Right Kinds of Needs to Meet and How to Work With People in Need

Built on the understanding of the first two modules, gain access to the strategies, tools, and planning you need to launch effective helping ministry

  • How to Find The Right Kinds of Needs to Meet
  • The Four Steps to Developing a Needs Ministry
  • The PLAN method for Visioning Your Ministry
  • Five Absolute Checkpoints for Your Plan
  • The Four Key Processes of Any Helping Ministry
  • The Helping People With Needs Database
  • How to Find People to Partner With
  • How to Get the Resources You Need
  • Art and Science of Asking Probing Questions For Real, Relational, Transformational Help
  • How to Help Physically and Spiritually at the Same Time
  • 21 Ways to Work at the Level of Deeper Nee


Module 4: Readjusting Existing Ministries, Giving Transformationally, New Models of Outreach

This Bonus Module covers growing content including:

  • How to Adjust an Existing Ministry to Transformational Instead of Transactional
  • How Givers Can Change Lives
  • A New Model for So-Called "Church Outreach"

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Here’s what people are saying...

Jim Bzdafka


River Christian Fellowship

"...comprehensive biblical understanding and the practical wisdom .."

Bruce's presentation was thoughtful,
biblical, and practical. He was able to put into words what many followers of Jesus struggle to define - that is, "What is the best and most helpful way the church can reach out practically with Christ's love to those in need without contributing to the causes of their neediness?" He outlined the differences about why people are needy and what are the best strategies to move toward them with the Gospel and meaningful assistance. The presentation gave our staff a common understanding of the issues involved in mercy ministry and aligned our approach. Bruce brings both comprehensive biblical understanding and the practical wisdom to help the church minister effectively to those in need in our communities.

Sherry Dangremond

Church Secretary, Elyria

"...scalability of your methodology is fantastic..."

The scalability of your methodology is fantastic, allowing any size church to participate

Mike Frans

Retired Pastor, Wisconsin

"Just to let you know your work is bearing fruit..."

Yesterday morning, my first phone call was at 7:30 with a plea for help...financial. It did not take me as long to recognize what kind of call it was, one where you could actually hurt by helping! I was able to help her in ways that were amazing, because of the questions you had practiced with us in the seminar. Just to let you know your work is bearing fruit...


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The course is $297, but my first partners will get the course at $197.  Subscribe to my email newsletter to get access this price.

Can I Share This Course with My Group/Team/Church?

This course is designed for individuals.  For discount group pricing or a site license for a church or organization, please contact me directly.  

How Long Will I Have to Access To This Course?

You have lifetime access to this course and all updates once you purchase.

What if I'm Not Happy or Satisfied With The Course?

Please email me within 30 days if you are not happy with this course and I will do everything I can to make it right, up to and including a full refund.  

A Personal Note

I'm so proud of this course.  I've taken 10 years of helping churches reach people in need and combined it with my seven years of actual pastoral ministry to create a course that really helps people help others in need.  I'm here to serve you and give you the tools you'll need to succeed.  

Join the waiting list to be notified when this course opens!