Steal My Decade of Experience

I've coached over 100 churches to maximize Biblical outreach to those in need.  Schedule a one hour clarity call to see if mentoring is right for you.  

They say

" will be one I'll associate with this topic and strategy, and one whom I would readily consult about such matters..."

Mike Frans - Consultant and Retired Founding Pastor of Two Churches

"...The scalability of your methodology is fantastic, allowing any size church to participate..."

Sherry Dangremond - Church Secretary

"Bruce brings both comprehensive biblical understanding and the practical wisdom to help the church minister effectively to those in need in our communities."

Jim Bzdafka - Senior Pastor, River Christian Fellowship, Bay Village, Ohio.  

the benefits Outreach Mentoring

what can outreach mentoring help you with? 

Targeted Help for You and Your Ministry

Over 8 Weeks, I'll directly walk  you through the process that will help you set up or revise your outreach ministry in a way that will save you tons of time and aim for specific transformational results.

The Tools and Training and the Feedback...

In addition to live meetings, I'll provide you with the planning tools, training, and specific feedback on the process.  

Access to Kingdom Compassion The Course Included

You'll have lifetime access to Kingdom Compassion:  The Course included in your mentoring.  

Lifetime Email Access

Stay in touch with me for quick questions and targeted problems.  I want to see you succeed for a lifetime of ministry.  

What the process looks like

Please follow the next steps to complete the process


Schedule a Clarity Mentoring Call Below


Once you decide to engage with outreach mentoring, I'll provide you with access to all the tools and processes, and I'll schedule our first deep dive.  


Over the course of eight weeks, I'll guide you from uncertainty to clarity, provide the deep training you'll need, and you'll enjoy lifetime email access for questions!

Schedule Your Clarity Call Now...


What's included in outreach mentoring?

  • 8 weeks of customized training including live meetings with you and/or your team
  • Planning, training, and strategy tools sheets that are reproducible for any ministry
  • Immediate feedback based on over a decade of experience coaching churches and individuals for Biblical, transformative outreach
  • Lifetime Access to the Kingdom Compassion Course
  • Lifetime email access to me

What is the cost of outreach mentoring?

The eight week package starts at $2500

Is this mentoring for churches or individuals?

The principles I teach are scalable from individuals all the way up to large churches.  

I have another question.  Can you answer it?

Yes.  Contact me directly and I'll be happy to help.