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They Say...

Pastor Jim Bzdafka

The River Church, Bay Village, OH

"Bruce's presentation... was thoughtful, biblical, and practical. He was able to put into words what many followers of Jesus struggle to define - that is, "What is the best and most helpful way the church can reach out practically with Christ's love
to those in need without contributing to the causes of their neediness?"

Pastor Mike Frans

Organizational Consultant and Retired Founding Pastor of Two Churches

"To be honest, I can count on one hand those whom I've read or listened to on this subject whom I felt were balanced biblically and practically...those who shed more light than heat on these emotive needs and solutions, which often polarize Christians, rather than unite them... you will be one I'll associate with this topic and strategy, and one whom I would readily consult about such matters!"

About Me.

For me, it's all about living out the King's wisdom:  I love equipping others to live out their calling as image bearers of the Creator.  

I have coached over 100 churches with training, strategy, and tools on meeting needs in an effective way consistent with scripture and sensitive to the cultural context.  

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